Harstad, a small town way up in the northen parts of Norway is occasionally blessed with lovely weather and temperatures above 20 degrees. Situated at a latitude of 68.8° N”, the climate may be arctic, but on days like these, the many breathtakingly beautiful vistas like the one from the harbour will make you fall in love with a region bathed in bright, nordic sunshine around the clock.

The town square in Harstad
The town square

But be prepared for sudden changes. Typically, the temperatures drop 5-10 degrees in a matter of hours, followed by heavy rain clouds and low-hanging fog for days without end. People up here know how to savour the sunny days though: get out and about and enjoy them while they last.

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Harstad (Kvæfjord/Elgsnes, Norway)
Kvæfjord/Elgsnes at midnight (July 01, 2016)


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