The majestic Place de la Bourse reflected in the still surface of the “Miroir d’eau” at night has become something of an icon and symbol of the City of Bordeaux. The popular water mirror is fun all day long, but the real magic begins in the evening when the lights on the beautiful façades on Place de la Bourse come on, ideally accompanied by a deep blue evening sky above.

Designed by landscape architect Michel Corajoud and developed by fountain expert J. M. Llorca, the water mirror is a made of granite slabs, measuring 130×42 meters in total.

A cool place on a hot summer’s day

At intervals, the granite surface is flooded by 2-3 cm of crystal clear water which, when still, turns into a perfect mirror. After some time the water is slowly drained, followed by plumes of mist creating a dense fog. When the fog lifts, so to say, the recycled and cleansed water is pumped back until it covers the entire granite surface once again, and the cycle is repeated.

The water mirror is not in operation during the winter months.

The fog is lifting
The water mirror and left bank of the Garonne


A World Heritage City

Built in 2006, the water mirror also seems to reflect, as it were, another renaissance of sorts, or a turning point in Bordeaux’s 2000 year-old history on the banks of the Garonne river. In 2007, Bordeaux’s entire inner city was inscribed as one urban, living World Heritage site

The tram on the way to the next stop at Quinconces

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